Cherry Gregory

Cherry Gregory was born and brought up on a farm in Nantwich, Cheshire. She studied law at Manchester University and later gained an M.Sc from Sheffield University. Over the years she has worked in law centres, youth clubs, schools and a playgroup.

She lives on the Shropshire/ Welsh border with her husband, Keith, and her daughter, Charlotte. Her hobbies include history, cycling and walking.

Her first book, The Girl from Ithaca, tells the story of Neomene of Ithaca, younger sister of Odysseus, and reveals what Homer never knew: a woman's view of the Trojan War.

Her second book, The Walls of Troy, continues the story as Neomene fights for survival in the Trojan War.

Cherry has also written a book for children (aged 4-9) called Percy the High Flying Pig, also available on Grinning Bandit Books.