Terry Murphy

I live in Cheshire, England, and started writing as soon as I could jab a pencil at a piece of paper. Once I got past using binary characters, I wrote my first proper story about a huge tsunami hitting my primary school (ahead of my time, I know!), which was imaginative given that we lived 30 miles inland. I killed off the headmaster's daughter at the end, while saving family and friends, which of course led to my first bad review.

I wrote my first novel in my late twenties - a rites of passage type of thing - and it was terrible. After that I wrote the opening to a Chandleresque detective story transposed to Northern England but gave up after seven chapters. Then I got married, had a family and didn't write another creative word for twelve years.

My return to writing was a story for my children - 'Warwick The Wanderer and the Battle of the Bands' - and this will soon be my second book published through Amazon.

After another lean period, I went back to my detective story, re-wrote the opening, got some invaluable feedback from the Authonomy community and spent a year completing the full manuscript. And so it came to pass that 'Weekend in Weighton' was finally published. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, one more thing, it's been emotional!



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