A Marriage made in Chemical Heaven by Frank and Madge


The long-awaited sequel to Rupee Millionaires

When Frank tragically loses his mother, he plunges himself and new bride Madge into a dark, deluded world of drug-taking. Will they ever survive?The first pill was magical—Frank loved the whole universe and got engaged to Madge—and the second one was hilarious (they romped around butt-naked and sent the photographs to Snappy Snaps), but after that it was all downhill. They spent five years chasing those first incredible highs.

At the time, they thought that ecstasy was getting them through their first few years of marriage—keeping them close and talking when bereavement and depression threatened silence—but the truth was different. Madge collapsed a couple of times and Frank nearly died of an overdose. Worst of all, when they finally went straight, they found that they were strangers. Without the drug to connect them, they didn’t know each other at all.



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