Rupee Millionaires by Frank Kusy

Want to make a million? Be careful what you wish for ...

At 35, I was a struggling travel writer with five guides in print but not enough money to pay the rent.  Then, working as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s-in-the-Fields market, I met Spud.  His thuggish ability to scare people, notably the Petrovs, two encroaching Russian gangsters, made him seem the ideal business partner.

But it was a deal with the Devil. Spud proved to be a borderline psycho with only one aim in mind – to become a rupee millionaire. With a million, he believed, people would forget he was a small, fat plumber from Peckham and women would flock to his cash and shag him senseless.

Travelling to India, we picked up a motley crew of kooky characters––Ram, a lovable, crutch-bound Rajasthani, George, an irascible American, Nick and Anna, a quirky Canadian couple, Susie, a Dagenham girl gone ‘native’, and Rose, the secret love of Ram’s life. These became the ‘Pushkar Posse’, a group of oddball traveller-entrepreneurs who met once a year to have fun and make money in equal measure.

But then Spud found a new reason for living.

He wanted me dead.


"A rip-roaring tale of dodgy dealings and hilarious happenings." Mark Roman