Going Batty - The Lockdown Chronicles Part 2 by Frank Kusy

Just when Frank thought it couldn’t happen again. It did. Twice.

It's Christmas Eve 2020. Frank and Madge are facing a third lockdown; the lockdown to end all lockdowns. Not only has Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas, but there’s the prospect of six months of privation from the gym, the cinema, and anything else associated with social mixing. 'Months more lockdown?' Frank complains to Madge. 'It was okay in spring with its endless sunshine, and even okay in autumn when we had the second lockdown. But now it's dark and blimmin' freezing!'

On the bright side, Frank's best mate Dave has managed to get a goose for Christmas. And the vaccines are on their way. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and others are offering the hope that Covid-19 might finally be defeated. Will normality ever return? And will Dave’s goose be cooked?