Mother - and other short science fiction stories by Maeve Sleibhin

A collection of science fiction short stories, told largely from a female point of view, and ranging from irony to horror.

Mother tells about a whaling trip in a far away planet gone terribly wrong. 

Debris Field is a story of survival in a space junkyard.
Noise Pollution tells of an alien species’ coping with humankind’s boisterousness.
• In Evolution, President Jean Morell must decide how to deal with a threat to humanity caused by her (male) predecessor.
• In Misanthropy a woman mathematician pursues her dream of space exploration.
Necessary Shrinkage shows a young father juggling scientific research and a small baby.
Revolution is told from the point of view of an insect-like alien queen.

These stories are often funny, often exciting and always thought-provoking.