Going Batty - The Lockdown Chronicles Part 1 by Frank Kusy


Known for his travel memoirs, Frank Kusy is used to going places at the drop of a hat. But this time he is going nowhere.

In March 2020 Frank Kusy and his wife Madge are trying to make sense of a world gone mad. A world that has been locked down against a disease that threatens every human life on the planet – Covid 19.
Three weeks into lockdown and a large part of the UK is going batty. Confined to their homes, people are being driven slowly crazy by the horrors of home-schooling, interminable Zoom calls, lack of genuine social contact, and wall-to-wall boredom. Not to mention having to watch Boris Johnson every evening.
‘I’m finding this hard,’ complains Frank. ‘No cinemas, no power showers at the gym, and no escape from Kingston to see friends. I feel grounded!’
‘Oh, look on the bright side,’ Madge admonishes him. ‘We’ve been discovering new ways of killing time: home cooking, online bridge, long walks in the local parks, and watching daft YouTube videos. Plus we’re enjoying the sunniest spring on record!’
But then Madge develops a nasty cough and goes off her food